Even though he today heads the Maisons des Rêves, Thierry Teyssier nevertheless comes from the theatre world.Taken with the world of performance, this man began his unusual career by creating a theatre company with the evocative name of Midi-Minuit ("Noon-Midnight"): evening candlelit theatre performances, theatrical promenades in chateau gardens. With a talent for staging of which he was a complete master, he turned it to explore other experiences.He was naturally led to the world of communication and special events. In the early 1990s he created Lever de Rideau, today considered France's greatest special events agency. He dreamed up rich, imaginative theatrical settings and staging.
In 1997 Lever de Rideau Travel came into being to follow his clients worldwide. In 2002, building on his wealth of experience, he created Maisons des Rêves to wake up the world of luxury tourism –a demanding world yet one that was often a little too conventional. Dar Ahlam opened its doors, soon followed by a nomad camp in the desert, a quinta in Portugal and most recently, a colonial home in Paraty. To explain his creations, he speaks of tales to be told, of coherency, of a sense of detail. Untiring, he didn't stop there. In 2009 he opened the first Pâtisserie des Rêves together with his friend, the pastry chef Philippe Conticini. In 2010 he was awarded the 2010 Talent du Luxe et de la Création for his work.

A Few Dates

1991: Creation of the communication agency Lever de Rideau
1997: Lever de Rideau Travel
2000: Creation of the Maisons des Rêves concept
2002: Opening of Dar Ahlam (Marocco)
2008: Opening of Romaneira (Portugal)
2009: Opening of the first Pâtisserie des Rêves, Rue du Bac
2014: Opening of Paraty (Brazil)

French Know

La Pâtisserie des Rêves creates beautiful pastries in the tradition of high French pastry making.


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